News Local Law changing Cyprus' 'deport first, appeal later' policy in the works

Law changing Cyprus’ ‘deport first, appeal later’ policy in the works

A law stopping the practice of deporting foreigners before they have had a chance to appeal against their deportation, has been submitted for judicial review by the Justice Ministry.

Under the new law, a deportation process will be postponed in cases where a person under deportation files an appeal on the grounds that their life is under threat.

After the Supreme Court rules on the appeal, the process will be resumed.

According to philenews, the Supreme Court and the Law Office of the Republic are divided on the proposed law and have asked for additional time to review it.

After the law has been reviewed, it will be sent to the House Legal Affairs Committee.

According to the Committee, in Cyprus, around four persons file an appeal against their deportation every day claiming that their life would be in danger if they were sent home.

Cyprus has been under the microscope of the Council of Europe for its  “deport first, appeal later” policy and has been fined by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) for this reason.

According to the ECJ, the policy constitutes a breach against the human right to life, as well as the right to freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.

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