NewsLocalLast call to renew road tax, surcharge and fines from March 11

Last call to renew road tax, surcharge and fines from March 11

Vehicle owners have one more day to renew their road tax for 2020.

The deadline for renewal is March 10 and after that date there will be a surcharge equal to 10% of the outstanding sum plus 10 euro.

Police will start booking drivers without road tax from Wednesday, March 11. The fine for drivers caught without up to date road tax is 85 euro.

Road tax can be renewed online on, at commercial banks, at citizens’ services centres, district post offices and the headquarters and district offices of the Road Transport Department.

Road tax can be renewed for three, six, nine or 12 months. Vehicles must have an MOT and insurance.

Those not planning on renewing their road tax should notify the department that they are immobilising their vehicle and submit the necessary form, alternatively they will owe the equivalent sum to the state.

In the event that a vehicle is scrapped, owners must apply to have its registration annulled by filling in the necessary form and submitting a certificate that it has been destroyed.


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