NewsLocalLarnaca: Recyclefish at Phinikoudes joins fight against plastics

Larnaca: Recyclefish at Phinikoudes joins fight against plastics



Larnaca Municipality in collaboration with pharmaceutical and healthcare company Medochemie have installed a fish-shaped structure on Phinikoudes beach to raise awareness about the importance of recycling plastics to protect the sea from pollution, CNA reports.

The metal structure is three metres wide by two and a half metres wide and serves as a giant ‘collection point’ for plastic bottles and other items.

“The Mediterranean Sea, with its unique environmental heritage, is one of the seas with the highest proportion of plastics on the planet. These plastics are a serious danger to marine life which mistake it for food,” the municipality said in an announcement.

The coronavirus pandemic, which led to increased production and use of plastic items such as masks, gloves and other protective equipment, has regrettably aggravated the problem of marine pollution,  it added.

“By installing the recycle fish on the busy Phinikoudes beach, Larnaca Municipality and Medochemie Ltd, aim to raise public awareness about the recycling of plastics and encourage the active participation of the public in efforts to protect the environment and particularly the sensitive marine ecosystem,” the announcement concluded.

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