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Larnaca: Mother fined €10,000 for neglecting baby

Larnaca district court on Tuesday fined a 39 year old woman from Romania €10,000 after finding her guilty of mistreating and neglecting her 40 day old baby.

In passing sentence, the judge said that it was incomprehensible for a child, particularly a newborn, to be neglected by its own mother at its home where it should be find care, protection and tenderness. Under other conditions, the court would have considered a jail term of several months, she added.

But she said the court did not have this option in this case because the defendant is the mother of a child under three as well as of three other children. This places her under the protection of the law and as such a sentence that would deprive the defendant of her liberty could not be handed down.

The court had heard that in the early hours of December 15,  the 39 year old had left the baby in a cold, unhealthy and unsuitable place near an open balcony door when it was raining outside.

Neighbours who heard the baby crying for hours alerted Aradippou police who went to her home — an apartment. There they found the baby crying loudly,  in a pram which was was soiled and wet from urine.

The mother smelled strongly of alcohol, showed clear signs of being intoxicated, had difficulty communicating with police and could hardly stand on her feet. The flat was littered with empty tins of beer, cigarette butts and rubbish.

Police called the welfare services who took the baby to hospital while the mother was arrested for neglecting and mistreating a child.


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