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Labour Ministry to provide online payment training

Labour Ministry officers will go from one end of Cyprus to another as part of a campaign to train the public on carrying out electronic payments.

And all this because the Ministry will apply automated methods of collecting contributions to both the Social Security Fund and Gesy (General Health Scheme) within 2020.

This means that payments will be carried out mainly through bank cards. At the same time, the Ministry will proceed with the abolition of cashiers currently operating at the premises of the Social Security Services.

A total of 51 cashiers are in operation today at District Social Insurance Offices, through which payments of up to €1 billion take place annually. These are mainly by citizens who are not familiar with online payments or the internet in general.

An informed source told Phileleftheros that Ministry staff taking part in this campaign will visit even the most remote areas of Cyprus to train citizens on how to electronically pay these specific contributions.

Amongst other, the campaign will pave the way for on-site electronic payments with the assistance of members of the e-services support team.

Within the framework of this campaign, Ministry staff will also be briefing the public over the upcoming single digital gateway which will provide access to online information and procedures, as well as assistance and problem solving services.

An insider said the Social Security Services are in the process of implementing a project aimed at improving their computer system so that it is more useful and user-friendly. At the same time, the single digital gateway will also post and update important statistical information.


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