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Labour Ministry info on coronavirus for people with disabilities

The Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Security has issued advice to people with disabilities on how to obtain information on coronavirus as follows:

  1. To regularly check the website for constant updates of information material, Press releases, Decrees and other information.
  2. Non-Greek speaking people with disabilities or non-Greek speaking caregivers should check the English version of the aforementioned website for information material.
  3. To watch audio, subtitled and sign-language TV news bulletins announcing any changes to the measures taken, on a daily basis.
  4. To watch the information television spots broadcast in simple audiovisual format, on a daily basis.
  5. To contact the Government hotlines posted on website under section Information Guidelines, for questions and information.

In addition to the above ways of public information, for further information people with disabilities can access the following:

  1. People with intellectual disabilities, children, the elderly as well as everyone else, may download the “Coronavirus – We Are Not Afraid – We Are Protected” Guide, available in an easy-to-read illustrated form, from the website of the Committee for the Protection of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and the website of the Greek Network responsible for drafting the Guide (available only in Greek).
  2. People with visual disabilities who use the braille system may contact the School for the Blind or the Pancyprian Organization for the Blind or the Cyprus Confederation of Organizations of the Disabled to obtain information material in braille.
  3. People with hearing disabilities who communicate in sign-language may watch, apart from the sign-language news bulletins, sign-language information video spots posted on the general information website

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