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Labour Ministry announces additional measures for workers

Realising that some workers received small amounts in special allowance grants due to low social insurance payments in the year stipulated in MoL’s calculations, the latter decided to take additional measures as follows:

  1. For the Special Unemployment Allowance and the Special Sick Leave Allowance, both the income of 2018 as well as the income of January 2020 will be taken into consideration, and allowance will be paid for the highest one.
  2. There will be a special plan for those whose employment started in February and March 2020, provided that they are declared by their employer.
  3. There will be a minimum payable limit so that all workers can get paid a certain amount.
  4. Additional measures will be taken to verify the correctness of bank details submitted; everyone can now submit a copy of their bank account details for verification.
  5. A special allowance will be devised for people over 65 who do not receive a pension and are still working.
  6. After identifying many mistakes in the applications, from now on applications with a wrong Social Insurance number will not be accepted.
  7. Other categories previously excepted from the schemes will now be incorporated.
  8. The unemployed who received all their unemployment benefits will be incorporated in the special schemes by June 2020. Additional payments will be made for those who received benefits on the basis of 2018 income.

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