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Kourris riverbed becomes dumpsite

The riverbed of Kourris, the river which crosses three communities – Erimi, Episkopi, and Kantou –  has become a dumpsite from all kinds of household waste that threatens the natural environment of the British-controlled area. 

The lack of control and indifference from both police of the Sovereign bases and the state services (Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment) has given a green light for some irresponsible individuals and even companies to use the area as a  dumpsite, as they dump all kinds of garbages there. The entire area is ruined by mounds of trash: plastic bags and single-use water bottles, clothes, unloved toys as well as old furniture, electric appliances, plastic containers, building materials, dry grass and pruning and so forth.

The local authorities hold  The British Bases and the Ministry accountable for the situation asking to take measures to eliminate the unacceptable phenomenon. 


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