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Kofinou We Care in urgent need of items for newborns and hospital bags for pregnant women 

Kofinou We Care have issued an appeal on their Facebook Page for basic items for pregnant women and babies.

Pregnant women are in urgent need of the complete hospital bag, for the mother and the new-born and the basic items that can support both, it said adding that  it is collecting the following for the hospital bag:
?For the mother:
Towels (bath and face)
Nightdress or Pyjamas
Cotton shirts
Nursing bra
Cotton briefs
Maternity pads
Toothpaste & Toothbrush
?For the new-born:
Baby blankets
Cotton sheets
Baby towels
Clothes for new-born (onesies, vest etc.)
Baby wipes
Rash cream
Baby soap and shampoo
?Also we collect:
Kettles (for sterilization)
Baby bottles
Baby food
Baby wipes
Baby baths
Play-pens (play parks are used as beds)
Baby strollers
New families have arrived at the centre too and the children are in great need!
It is collecting:
?Clothes and shoes for boys and girls, ages 1 to 15!

For Donations:
Nicosia: Marios – 99695577
Larnaka: G.E.English.Centre – 24636280, Mon-Fri.14:00-19:45
Limassol: Natasa – 99383379

Who They are
Kofinou We Care – Connecting the Volunteers, is a platform created to coordinate volunteers from all over the island, independent volunteers and NGOs, who want to help and offer humanitarian support to the residents of Kofinou Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.
Independent volunteers and NGOs, who are active at Kofinou Reception Centre, collaborated and created the Distribution Centre, the Mothers, Babies and Children Distribution Centre and the Mothers and Babies Unit, inside the reception centre, with the permission and support of the Asylum Services and the Cyprus Ministry of Interior.
The Distribution Centre has been operating since April 2017 and provides the residents with FREE emergency supplies (personal hygiene products, clothes, shoes, house amenities, etc.)
The Mothers, Babies and Children Distribution Centre provide the families with FREE baby food, baby hygiene, hospital bags with all necessities for the pregnant mums, school uniforms and school bags, stationary, toys, clothes and shoes and any other product that is required.
We have also created with the help and support of NIELSEN Company, the Mothers and Babies Unit which is mainly a playroom for babies as well as a place for workshops, on baby care and baby health for the residents. With the support of NOBLE Energy Company, we created also an extension for the Mothers and Babies Unit for older children.
The Kofinou We Care – Volunteers’ Support Facebook page aims to communicate the general needs of the residents of the reception centre and coordinate the efforts of the volunteers from all over. Our coordination and actions are entirely and exclusively based on volunteers.

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