Travelling southly-western Nicosia in the street Nicosia-Palaichoriou in distance of 26 kilometers you meet the village of Klirou. It is a beautiful village in a beautiful natural environment. It appears that its name, took from the first settler of the place, that was said Kliros, thus said we go to Kliro`s and it remained the name of Klirou. In Klirou were found archaeological discoveries that testify that it was lived from ancients years.

Klirou on Enetic period existed fief. In 1881 had 370 residents and they were increased with fast rhythm and today touch almost 2000 citizens. Klirou has extent of 18.7 square kilometers, the climate that prevails is soft with low rainfall. The medium altitude is tour in the 450 meters.

From far you can realize that most of the houses are to the right and left of the main street. However the core of the village is the imposing church with the two enormous cypresses. What distinguishes also from the Nicosia is the top “Vournia'” with altitude 717 meters. From the sky Klirou has asteroids shape with their beams the streets to the villages Malounta, Fikardou and Kalo Chorio.

Courtesy of the Community Council of Klirou

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