NewsLocalJellyfish stings reported at Protaras (photos)

Jellyfish stings reported at Protaras (photos)

Swimmers reported being stung by jellyfish on Sunday in Protaras.

According to philenews, in Fig Tree Bay beach, lifeguards have responded to dozens of cases of jellyfish stings and provided first aid treatment on the spot.

Large numbers of jellyfish were also spotted in Protaras in mid-June.

The jellyfish of the species Pelagia noctiluca, also known as mauve stinger, can be dangerous to humans as contact with their tentacles can cause irritation.

The appearance of jellyfish “is a temporary phenomenon that lasts between hours to a few days,” the Fisheries Department said.

It is attributable to a rise in temperatures, an increase in nutrients in the sea and the direction of sea currents, it explained.

In case you come in contact with mauve stinger tentacles:

  • Carefully wash carefully the affected area with seawater, without rubbing it.
  • Use a plastic card to remove tentacle remains.
  • Inform lifeguards.
  • Intense pain last about 15-20 minutes. In case it continues, consult a doctor.
  • In case of an allergic shock, immediately contact or visit a doctor or a hospital.

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