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January the worst month after August 2021 in terms of deaths from COVID-19

January 2022 is the worst month following August 2021 as regards deaths from COVID-19, Spokesperson of the State Health Services Organization (SHSO) Charalampos Charilaou told the Cyprus News Agency, adding that Intensive Care Units in Cypriot hospitals are now under pressure.

Charilaou stated that almost 220 patients are treated, some of whom are treated in advanced care units and in the ICU. He added that “at the time being there is pressure upon the ICU’’, adding that he anticipates a gradual decline in the number of patients treated in the ICU.

As regards deaths from COVID-19, he pointed out that the mortality rate in Cyprus is low, standing at 0.4%, which is one of the best indicators in the EU. He also called for people to get vaccinated and apply all recommended measures.

Charilaou said that August 2021 was the worst month, as 92 people died from COVID-19, adding that more than 85 people died from the beginning of January 2022. He stated that these deaths in most cases concern old people who had not been vaccinated and were treated in a serious condition.

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