News Local Investigator suggests prosecution against officers for police brutality

Investigator suggests prosecution against officers for police brutality

The findings of a criminal investigation against three police officers who allegedly hit a man while he was detained, have been submitted to the Attorney General to be reviewed, Phileleftheros reports.

The investigation started after the man who was allegedly hit submitted a complaint to the Independent Authority for Investigating Complaints against the Police.

The complainant, a man from Georgia, claims that he was hit by three officers while in detention in a Nicosia police station.

According to Phileleftheros, the incident took place on December 11, 2017, when the man, his ex-girlfriend and his current girlfriend were arrested after a fight at a gas station.

The man argues that he was hit by the officers while he was detained after his arrest that night and that he was taken to the Emergency Department of Nicosia General Hospital. There doctors found that he had bruises on his body, which as he claims, were a result of police brutality.

The man was also examined by a state pathologist who found that the bruises could have been possibly caused by hits.

After the incident, the man submitted a complaint to the Independent Authority for Investigating Complaints against the Police which appointed a criminal investigator.

The investigator found that the three officers possibly committed offences and suggested a criminal prosecution against them.

The investigation’s findings were sent to the Attorney General’s office, who will decide if the state will prosecute the officers, close the case or ask for further investigations.

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