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The firm of choice for demanding clients

Recognized and ranked in a number of major legal rankings, including the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners rankings, in various areas of law.

With 10 years of presence in the Cyprus legal industry, Prountzos & Prountzos LLC is one of the most rapidly growing practices in Cyprus, both in terms of number of lawyers and clientele. The firm currently employs more than 25 lawyers and a significant number of paralegal, trainee lawyers and other supporting staff.

Since April 2017, Prountzos & Prountzos LLC officially joined the Ernst & Young (EY) Law network and Charalambos Prountzos is the Law Practice Leader for Cyprus and EY Partner. Charalambos was in 2019 appointed as the new Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe & Central Asia (CESA) Region Leader, taking on the supervision and development of the EY Law network to more than 32 countries across Europe. The firm is internationally recognized and ranked in a number of major legal rankings, including the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners rankings, in various areas of law.

Albeit a fully integrated member to the EY Law Global network, Prountzos & Prountzos LLC is an independent law firm from a regulatory and operational perspective. Through the strategic decision of entering the EY Law network, the firm strengthens its global reach and has become part of a fully integrated, prestigious legal practice present in over 82 jurisdictions across the globe, engaging more than 3500 legal professionals. As part of the service offering of EY, the firm offers multidisciplinary solutions to private and corporate clients utilizing resources from Strategy and Transactions, Consulting, Assurance and Tax Services leveraging on the 300.000 professionals of EY around the globe.

The underlying vision of the firm is to operate as a highly specialised legal practice in traditional sectors including corporate and commercial law, real estate and construction, EU law, dispute resolution, banking and finance, regulated financial markets and insurance and insolvency. Over the course of its presence in the legal industry, the firm has also managed to position itself as a  pioneer player in novel legal industries like digital law, data protection, energy, public procurement, renewable energy sources, environmental and waste management, electricity market, intellectual property as well as competition legislation.

One of the strategic priorities of the firm is the offering of high quality and expertise focusing on private client services. Such services indicatively address natural persons in achieving their personal needs with regards to asset protection, succession, wealth structuring and segregation of personal and corporate assets.

Prountzos & Prountzos LLC prides itself on the wide array of cases it has undertaken and completed in the public procurement, administration and employment law sectors.  Its specialised team of lawyers have advised on some of the most high-profile infrastructure projects and services and supplies contracts in Cyprus. The firm has represented clients in their licensing and permit applications to the relevant regulatory authorities and has undertaken high-value project and equity financing transactions.

Furthermore, Prountzos & Prountzos LLC has developed expertise in the construction, supply and long – term service agreements, as it has been the trusted legal advisor to some of the most significant electricity market projects in the country and is considered to be a pioneer in this field. Such projects include wind, solar, biomass and biogas renewable energy facilities as well as conventional production plants. More recently, the firm is assisting in the completion of the Euroasia Interconnector, a Project of Common Interest under the EU legislation of value exceeding EUR1.5billion.

Prountzos & Prountzos LLC maintains a strong dispute resolution practice, which prides itself with wins in landmark cases, obtaining judgments and rulings on novel issues of law, including the Electoral Court (Supreme Court full bench), cross – border disputes, injunctions and non – discrimination labour law cases.

The Firm maintains a dedicated team of advocates who undertake representation of domestic and international clients in relation to arbitration disputes and has a team of accredited mediators assisting our clients in mediation proceedings. The firm also collaborates closely on matters of data protection and privacy support with key market players in the financial services and banking, hospitality industry, healthcare and education, retail and other data intensive sectors.

As a member firm of the EY Network, the firm’s central mission is to build a better working world. To this end Prountzos & Prountzos LLC, in collaboration with the EY Academy of Learning & Development, offers CPD courses in law, direct taxation and VAT – all accredited by the Cyprus Bar Association.

The firm includes expert lawyers who can advise clients on the most efficient manner for safeguarding their intellectual property rights as well as the subsequent exploitation of the same through licensing and publishing, artist management, tax planning for royalties and setting up of efficient Intellectual Property structures.   The firm co – operates closely in this field with specialists on passing off and IP protection on a global basis, utilizing the high levels of expertise across the EY network.

Highlight on the services offered by the firm include the Legal Managed Services (LMS) technology, comprising of technology-based processes and tools designed to automate volume and time-intensive legal and regulatory tasks. The result for its clients is increased time and cost efficiency, with guaranteed quality.

The firm is undergoing a dynamic expansion phase, actively seeking for synergies and opportunities. It has grown to be a large scale law firm on the island and offers an unmatched geographical presence across Europe. It is further expanding on its presence in the Limassol region and is considering options for inorganic growth to penetrate new areas of law. Quality remains the driving force and the paramount objective of the firm, as this has been the cornerstone of its continuous growth.


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