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Law Firm I. Christodoulou & Partners: specialized and quality services


The Law Firm I. Christodoulou & Partners, offers a specialized and quality services in the following areas:


Corporate and Tax

◗ Incorporation and Management of Companies internationally

◗ Introduction and provision of highly qualified directors.

◗ Mergers / acquisitions / restructurings / tax structuring / insolvency

◗ Banking / Finance transactions

◗ Drafting / transactional support, advice as well as legal opinions

◗ Legalisation/ Notarisation of Commercial Documents

◗ Advisory and Drafting on Commercial Matters

◗ Day to Day operational support for Corporate Clients


◗ Advising / Drafting / Structuring and Management of Trusts

◗ Provision of Trustee/ Protector/ investment advisors

◗ Migration and Citizenship

◗ Probate and Estate Planning

◗ Taxation and Compliance Advisory for natural persons and Trusts Compliance and regulatory

◗ Advising Structuring implementing KYC systems

◗ Drafting of Compliance Manuals, Compliance & Internal Audit functions & Training systems

◗ Advising, structuring, compiling of applications relating regulated activities (CIFs, Insurance Companies, Payment Systems etc.)

◗ International Compliance including sanctions, FATCA, OECD etc.

Procurement and Administrative

◗ Consulting on Public Procurement competitions in Cyprus and Greece

◗ Legalisation of documents regarding Public Procurement applications

◗ Legal Opinions

◗ Pre- Tender advisory/ litigation

◗ Post Award Litigation before Tenders’ Review Authority and Administrative Court

◗ Administrative Litigation

◗ Legal representations & negotiations in Administrative & Procurement Law


Irene Christodoulou is the founder and managing partner of the law firm I. Christodoulou & Partners LLC. The law firm was founded in 2015 determined to provide specialized and quality services, always taking into account and having as a compass the individual needs of each client.

What was your primary goal/aim with the establishment of your firm?

The ultimate goal, since the creation of the firm and until today was the provision of a different, and more holistic approach, adapted to each client separately, which is proving to the benefit of both our clients and the firm in general.

Through the years, we have shown that the specialised and quality services offered, through our experienced and dedicated lawyers and consultants, have significantly contributed in the fruition of the vision which I have set from the beginning that this approach is embraced by our clients both locally and internationally.

What do you think are the new realities in your industry?

Given the accelerated rate of digital transformation, inevitably, the current trend is that a more substantial emphasis is now being placed on small enterprises, such as start-ups, with incentives which encourage to assist SMEs in order to for them to develop in their field, as well, as to contribute to the development of new technologically innovative services and products.

Our accession to the European Union, has significantly contributed to this end and even though it has been almost 20 years since Cyprus has joined the EU, it is only just now that the SMEs have realised that they can work and compete on equal terms and under the same conditions as companies in Mainland Europe.

Additionally, the inevitable dramatic digitization which was effected during the pandemic, as well as the promotion of the recovery and resilience fund by the European institutions are also telling of the new increased emphasis on the SMEs.

How do you deal with new realities?

Over the last decade, we have experienced numerous innovations and radical changes in our field, we are fully adapted to the new reality. I would say that the period of adaptation to the new era was already at its final stages even before the onset of the pandemic. Nowadays, it is crucial for every professional to be in a position to fully comprehend the client’s business objectives in order to assist such client to grow and evolve. It goes without saying that along with the development of each client, we also evolve as a firm.

We face the challenges and help our clients to achieve their best potential, in relation to overcoming any legal restrictions and take advantage of new opportunities that may arise. In essence, our role is no longer one ofexecution but one of substance.

Considering our clients more as business partner, we are in a position to offer a more integrated and professional service, moreover, although we maintain the profile of a boutique law firm, we nevertheless established ourselves internationally. This approach may be considered as the key to our success. As a law firm you mention that you provide services related to Public Procurement.

Can you tell us a little bit about this area in which your firm operates?

Our legal team, provides legal support regarding public procurement to clients interested in bidding for such projects. The efficiency and experience of our team provides legal support to organisations both in private and public sector, who are interested either participating in or launching public procurement procedures.

Our services concerning this field, are available both in Cyprus and in Greece, through our dedicated the Greek Desk. In such a highly technical field, it is important both for the applicants and the authorities to have the necessary legal, strategic and administrative support for a proper and complete process during the procurement stage but also during the execution of the contract.

We believe that public procurement may be the new trend that will contribute to the development of society as a whole. To this end, public authorities must identify the needs of society in order to offer necessary funding and support for the implementation of such projects for the common good. We also believe that it is important to eliminate the difference in philosophical approach between public and private sectors so that the two sectors can coexist with the right solutions for the benefit of society through PPPs (Private Public Partnerships) and PPIs (Private Participation in Infrastructure). “We face the challenges and help our clients to achieve their best potential in regard to any legal restrictions but also new opportunities that may arise”.

Contact details:

Headquarters address: 24 Solonos Michaelides, CY-1035, P.O BOX 29166 CY-1622, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: 22027060, Fax 22027061,, [email protected]


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