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Elias Neocleous & Co LLC

Recognised for high quality services

Competent enough to cover all aspects of Cypriot as well as European and International Law

A spirit of innovation and pioneering inspires the full range of modern services which focus on quality and the provision of services to clients of all sizes, Cypriot or foreign, private or business

Over time, the services sector has formed a key pillar of Cyprus’ economic growth and it continues to be a significant contributor. New investors are attracted to Cyprus by the high quality of its professional services, its modern legal framework, its business-friendly tax system, and the fact that all these advantages are underpinned by an extensive support network of international treaties and bilateral agreements with other countries.

For many years, the growth in business activity in Cyprus has been inextricably linked with the legal support services provided by Elias Neocleous & Co LLC. We are one of the largest law firms in the Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean region, and, are internationally recognised for the high quality of the services that we offer. The firm’s headquarters are in Limassol, and we have other Cyprus offices located in Nicosia and Paphos.

These all cooperate with our international network which comprises fully operational offices in Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The firm’s specialist departments are competent to cover all aspects of Cypriot, European, and International Law.

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is dedicated to providing excellent and innovative services to our clients to ensure that they can attain their goals. When faced with a world which is constantly changing on many levels we frequently find ourselves in a pioneering position developing new ways to get the job done and setting new standards of performance in financing and entrepreneurship for others to aspire to.  The quality of our performance is recognized by a host of independent world-class rating agencies such as Legal500, IFLR, Chambers HNWI, World Tax Review and Benchmark Litigation, which all regularly award the firm a ‘Tier 1’ status.

A key element in maintaining our current leading position in the legal market is our ability to recognize the need for change over time, in the services we offer, and how we offer them to better serve our clients’ needs.  We appreciate, for example, that embracing technological innovations is necessary to achieve harmonization with the demands of the modern market and to enable our own growth potential.  Our intention is that Elias Neocleous & Co LLC will become the point of reference in fast-growing areas such as data protection, cyber security, data theft and fraud, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence (AI).

A major step in achieving this ambition has been our development of an Innovation Hub which, amongst other things, has created an application for the security of our servers and databases, allowing secure access to our colleagues, through encrypted algorithms. We have also created an AI toolbox,, which is a platform for accelerating and automating the delivery of legal services.

This spirit of innovation and pioneering inspires the full range of modern services offered by Elias Neocleous & Co LLC.  Our focus is on quality and the provision of services to clients of all sizes, Cypriot or foreign, private or business.

We are particularly proud of the delivery of a comprehensive dispute resolution practice by our Litigation Department. Our areas of expertise in litigation include administrative, commercial, banking, maritime, criminal and family law. We provide legal support in contractual, corporate, real estate and employment disputes, as well as all forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our Corporate Department offers personalized advice to our clients on the formation, acquisition and dissolution of companies in Cyprus and abroad, for mergers and acquisitions, including public and private corporate demergers, and divestitures. Additionally, we provide support for corporate re-organisation and restructuring, insolvency, corporate governance, public and private offering, securities purchasing and selling, regulatory compliance, trust construction and utilization.

Elias Neocleous & Co LLC is recognized by the premier independent international rating houses as a leading company in the banking and financial markets in Cyprus. We have a proven track record in the practice of capital markets, in corporate finance, in acting for lenders including international investment banks, and, in acting for borrowers.

In the field of financial services, we have a highly specialized team with extensive experience in the niche requirements of these types of transactions. Our range of services includes licensing, regulatory advice, corporate and tax structuring, and extends to regular business issues such as corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and personal data protection.

In matters of tax law, our specialized department is second to none.  The expertise of the advice it provides  is guaranteed by a team with excellent legal, accounting and financial backgrounds. Important areas of work for our tax service include advice on: tax residence, new tax incentives and systems, and the correct interpretation and application of agreements to avoid double taxation.

Maritime law is another field where Elias Neocleous & Co LLC can demonstrate a very high level of competence. We provide legal support for various issues such as: the purchasing and selling of ships and aircrafts, debt restructurings and reorganizations of shipping companies, the registration of ships and yachts in the relevant registers, VAT on boats and, maritime insurance.

Our highly regarded EU and Competition Law team is also extremely active. It provides high quality legal advice to important international clients on anti-competitive matters and cartel investigations. Its performance is mirrored by our equally highly rated Employment Law and Intellectual Property departments.

The ethos of Elias Neocleous & Co LLC as a firm is exemplified by our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The firm has a formal CSR policy and, as part of this, it supports multifaceted actions in the cause of raising social awareness on important issues. We promote humanitarian values, support academic excellence, promote caring for weaker fellow citizens, support blood donations, and encourage participation in sports.  Importantly, we also work towards the protection of the environment, by seeking ways to minimize the environmental footprint of all of us and, most importantly, of our own firm.

At Elias Neocleous & Co LLC we understand and acknowledge that we have a social responsibility to our fellow citizens. We take pride in our role in the development of the Cypriot economy and also in our efforts to promote a better society for all.  We zealously work to provide of high quality legal services whilst simultaneously promoting our country as a global economic and business center. Our successful performance in both these areas can have an obviously beneficial impact on attracting foreign investment, growth and employment to Cyprus.


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