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Welfare state in Cyprus is feasible and viable

According to the recent comparative data released by Eurostat in January 2021 and referring to 2018, Cyprus is lagging behind in the sector of social protection. According to the said presentation, social protection expenditure of the public and private sector in Cyprus in 2018 amounted to only 18.1% of GDP compared to the EU average of 27.5%.

This is what a survey released recently by the island’s Statistical Service in compliance with the European system shows.

France had the highest percentage of social protection in terms of GDP with 33.7%, followed by Denmark’s 31.4%, Finland’s 30.1%, Germany’s 29.6% and Austria’s 29.1%.

On the contrary, lowest percentages were recorded in Lithuania with 15.8%, Malta and Latvia with 15.2%, Romania with 15.0% and Ireland with 14.2%.

In reply to relevant questions, Anastasia Anthousi, Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, said a welfare state must adjust to the changes in the society and this is exactly the target of the Ministry, to modernize services in order to face the real social challenges.

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