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Transport Minister sees positive prospects for upcoming tourist season

Prospects for the upcoming tourist season are very positive, Transport, Communications and Works Minister Yiannis Karousos said on Tuesday.

Karousos was replying to a journalist`s question on the indications for the tourist season, after a Cabinet meeting, at the Presidential Palace.

“We believe that 2022 has started with the best possible omens for passenger traffic and tourism,” he said, adding that airline seats offered are similar to 2019 levels and that a number of airlines have increased available seats for 2022 compared to 2019.

He recalled that airline support schemes are in place by the Ministry of Transport, in collaboration with Hermes Airports, the airport operator in Cyprus and others offered by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

“We have managed to have more destinations for 2021 than in 2019,” he noted, adding that in 2022 it is believed that there will be new destinations and other airlines flying to Cyprus.

In particular, Karousos said that in 2021 Cyprus had 158 travel destinations compared to 150 in 2019, adding that “we expect that 2022 will be even better.”

He continued noting that a number of important agreements between states and with airlines are underway.

Asked whether the levels of 2019 could be reached in tourism, he replied that “we are starting the effort for 2022 with the best possible omens.”

Statistically, he said, “our country had one of the smallest drops in direct air connectivity in relation to other countries,” adding that on the basis of Eurocontrol statistics the drop was of the order of 24%.

“We are quite optimistic that we will do quite well in 2022,” he pointed out, adding however that “naturally, everything depends on various factors but the preparation has been done.”

He explained that the fact that Cyprus had an action plan drafted for some time now and had informed tour operators is expected to have a positive outcome “because we are sending a message of stability.”


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