InsiderEconomySubsidized holidays expensive due to increased telephone bills

Subsidized holidays expensive due to increased telephone bills

Consumers trying to book a room in a hotel for subsidized vacations are using numbers beginning by 777XXXX and 700XXXXX. Charges for these numbers are different from local calls per district even for consumers of unlimited service.

Some hotels which participate in the program of the government have provided these numbers and consumers trying to book a holiday are calling them ignoring that they hide high charges.

The Deputy Tourism Ministry refers to this problem in its announcements.

Moreover, at the Consumer Protection Service there is a complaint that a woman was charged 100 euros by calling these numbers.

Local calls by CYTA to 777XXXX and 700XXXXX are charged 10.50 per minute.

Primetel charges are 12 cent per minute for 777XXXX and 11.09 for 700XXXXX number.

Cablenet charges to both 777XXXX and 700XXXXX are 8.5 cent per minute and EPIC charges are 10.89 for number 777XXXX and 11.70 for 700XXXXX.

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