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Single Labour Inspection Service bill to be approved after compromise

The Ministry of Labour has compromised over the administrative fines to be imposed on employers violating provisions of the Single Labour Inspection Service bill which is now expected to be approved by the House plenum.

The Single Service will act as an umbrella for 28 laws related to labour ministry checks.

Specifically, ministry technocrats and organisations representing employers such as OEB and KEVE have agreed that administrative fines should be divided into two categories.

Under the first category, administrative fines of €500 will be imposed when employers violate laws on the protection of maternity, parental leave, part-time employees, work conditions of employees in recreation centers and shops, equal pay for men and women.

The administrative fine of €500 will be imposed for each employee whose work collective agreement is violated.

In the second category, the amount of administrative fine is reduced to €250 for each employee whose employer violates the terms of the collective agreement and employment relations, as well as conditions of employment of hotel employees and their salaries.

In fact, if an employer illegally repeats the same infringement then the fine is increased to €500 per employee.

At the same time, the total administrative fine during inspection is reduced to €5,000 except in the case where infringement is repeated and therefore the fine increases to €10,000.

In addition, where the payment of the administrative fine is delayed, then it will be increased to €50 per delayed day. The additional increase should not double the amount of the administrative fine imposed.

After its approval, the bill will come in effect five months later so that employers will have the opportunity to comply with all provisions of the legislation. The bill will be sent to the plenary for a vote in 15 days.


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