InsiderEconomyRents skyrocket in Limassol; students react

Rents skyrocket in Limassol; students react

The budget of the Technological University students has increased a lot since rents in Limassol have skyrocketed and houses/apartments are not easy to find.

According to a research by Philelefterhos, Limassol continues to be the town with the most expensive rents, thus making it difficult for students to find accommodation, particularly near the center, where the Technological University is, as well as in the surrounding areas. Flats of one or two bedrooms are very hard to find.

According to the manager of a real estate company in Limassol, the rent for a furnished two-bedroom apartment starts from 800 euros going upward depending on the area and the condition of the apartment. A two-bedroom flat in Germasoyia area for example is 800 while something similar near TEPAK is around 930.

It was also noted that if the students have a car/bicycle/motorcycle, then they choose to find accommodation a bit outside the center where rents are visibly cheaper.

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