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Public servants in Cyprus boycott tele-service

The government’s much-publicised Call Centre tasked with informing citizens where their demands and issues stood has been ‘derailed’ by civil servants who are not picking up.

This prompted the Ministry of Finance to issue a new circular that will force all concerned to undertake their responsibilities.

The circular underlines that if relevant Ministries and Departments directly respond to enquiries this will update the Ariadne internet portal and in this way, both the citizens calling in and the Call Centre’s operators will be properly informed.

A random inspection at Citizen Services Centres has shown that even though procedures did change, the system was not updated. That’s why the Public Administration and Personnel Department (PAPD) noted that with proper response from government employees, Ariadne will be enriched with the updated procedures and then there will be answers to all queries.

PAPD also indicated that with the continuous updating of Ariadne on progress recorded with citizens’ queries concerning pensions and allowances, the internet portal will provide prompt answers to registered users.

In addition, the PAPD calls on ministries and government departments to respond to submitted queries via the ticketing system within two days. And public servants responsible for the operation of the Call Centre are also invited to submit ideas and suggestions that could improve the system in cases where weaknesses are recorded.


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