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Public sector unions clash

‘Equality’ union of contract workers in the public sector and PASYDY which represents permanent public servants are in collusion for some time. But it seems to have reached a peak last week with ‘Equality’ members verbally clashing with Glafcos Hadjipetrou, the secretary general of PASYDY, over his handling of their case.

As a matter of fact, it was reported on social media that after last Thursday’s two-hour work stoppage outside the Ministry of Finance  Hadjipetrou went out in the streets trying to convince members of ‘Equality’ not to continue supporting measures taken by their union. The comment by ‘Equality’ was: “The International Labour Organization will denounce his actions.”

‘Equality’ leader Prodromos Christofi said they initially welcomed last October’s agreement between the government and PASYDY over fixed-term employment getting a permanent duration status. “Unfortunately, we found out that they have approved separate bills on individual issues (eg transfers). It was assumed that there was an agreement, but there was objection from permanent employees,” Christofi also said.

As for Hadjipetrou, he told Phileleftheros that efforts are sadly made for contract and permanent employees to be in confrontation rather than work collectively. “What fixed-time employees have succeeded so far was the achievement of PASYDY.  What the Government has accepted, and finds us in agreement with, is the only legal solution. Some promise the impossible, Hatzipetrou also said.

He also noted that contract workers seem to consider PASYDY as an enemy.


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