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Poor results at exams for Public Sector jobs

Fifty per cent of candidates who took exams in autumn to join Cyprus’ public sector have failed, according to results announced this week by the Public Service Commission.

For entry level, A8 scale positions which require a university degree or a qualification of an equal footing, only 994 out of a total of 4,796 candidates scored above average. That is, 20.72%.

In fact, the highest score for the three subjects of mathematics, abstract reasoning and verbal ability, was 69.6 out of 100. And only one candidate managed to get that score.

Out of those candidates who scored above average the lowest was 52.45 out of 100. Only 70 candidates got scores between 64 and 69.6 out of 100.Another 214 candidates scored between 64 and 60, and 518 between 60 and 55.

In addition, 192 candidates scored between 55 and 52.45. Last year, 25% of candidates passed the A8 scale exam.

At the same time, for public sector positions up to the A7 scale, which require a high school diploma or a three-year post-secondary certificate, this year’s success rate was 42.75% which is 12.7% higher than the year before.

This exam took place in October and candidates were tested at three subjects. Specifically, out of 2,975 candidates who took the exam, 1,272 passed.

The highest score was 76.7 out of 100 and the lowest 50. Specifically, only 15 candidates scored between 70 and 76.7, and another 415 between 70 and 60. In addition, 529 candidates scored between 60 to 55 while another 328 between 55 and 50.

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