InsiderEconomyOptimistic messages for Cyprus' tourism says Deputy Minister Perdios

Optimistic messages for Cyprus’ tourism says Deputy Minister Perdios

Τhe resumption of flights and the reopening of Cyprus` airports following the easing of COVID restrictions send optimistic messages, Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios said.

In statements, in Limassol, Perdios noted that this is a great chance for Cyprus to be on the tourism map again, reassuring that all the preparations were made thoroughly and that as of today the tourists can enjoy the island with no restrictions, given that they present a negative COVID test.

He said that he would rather not make any estimations as to how many tourists will visit Cyprus, noting that Cyprus is open for visitors, however, other restrictions are in place in foreign countries for travelling abroad.

Perdios said that the situation changes every day and that what is for granted is that flights commence from Israel, which is the first market from where visitors travel to Cyprus.

He said that there are some indications from the market in Russia and that flights could resume at the end of the month.

Deputy Minister said that we haven`t lost hope and that the messages from tourist operators are encouraging. He also said that messages are important too as regards cruises in Cyprus by Royal Caribbean.


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