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No more “all excellent” public servants

A bill which is part of an ambitious public service reform plan approved by Cabinet yesterday following three years of talks between the government and stakeholders puts an end to civil servants’ “all excellent” evaluations.

From now on, 99.9% of civil servants will not be evaluated as excellent and will not be promoted to senior positions based entirely on that evaluation and connections they have. Promotions will now be based on qualifications, performance, experience and written and oral examinations.

In addition, a new category of inter-departmental promotion positions is now also created for scientific/professional public service positions on A13 (ii) scale of the government payroll.

The legislative framework also stipulates that the evaluation of civil servants will be classified into two hierarchical levels:

The first level concerns managerial and mid-level staff, including posts on A13 (ii) salary scales and above, for which the examination will be descriptive and the evaluation will not be taken into account for the purpose of promotion.

The second level concerns entry position staff and supervisory staff below A13 (ii) salary scales for which the examination will be numerical and the evaluation to be taken into account for both development and promotion purposes.

In addition, civil servants will be able to appeal their evaluation score, while department heads will be evaluated anonymously by subordinates.

In detail, promotions will take into account the following evaluation criteria:

-For promotion positions, additional qualifications will add up to 20 points and additional experience up to 20 points. Also, up to 45 points will be the performance appraisal based on annual service reports and up to 15 points will be the recommendation by the relevant head of department.

– For inter-departmental promotion positions, additional qualifications will add up to 20 points, experience an additional 10 points and up to 15 additional points to be based on annual departmental reports.

– For first appointment and promotion positions, additional qualifications of candidates will get up to 10 points, additional experience up to 10 points and up to 10 additional points from the report by the department’s head.

At the same time, the evaluation of candidates at designated examination centres will also play a crucial role.

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