InsiderEconomyNews about corporate tax at 15% in October

News about corporate tax at 15% in October

After October there will be news about Cyprus’s new tax planning focusing on corporate tax at 15% and after a series of activities at a European level is completed.

Everything began after the decision of the G7 group and only just week of the G20 that they are committed to a global minimum corporate tax rate of 15% to avoid countries undercutting each other.

This decision which was also welcomed by OSCE is aiming to face tax challenges created by the globalization and the digitization of the economy and the adoption of a minimum corporate tax rate.

The Finance Ministry told O Fileleftheros that it is monitoring what is taking place and is ready to involve the relevant bodies in a dialogue when there is a comprehensive package of proposals, which will be taken into consideration in the wider preparation of the tax framework.

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