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New positions in Cyprus’ health sector

A week only after the opening of a total of 305 positions, the island’s healthcare sector has announced additional vacancies. In fact, there are now seven new openings at the State Health Service. Specifically, there are five vacant administrative positions, of first appointment, and with an annual gross salary of 26.541,66.

There is also a vacant accountant’s position, of first appointment, and with an annual gross salary of 32.947,41. There is also a vacant position at the Information Technology Department of the Service. It is of first appointment and with an annual gross salary of 26,541.66.

Applications must be submitted no later than March 15, 2019. Also, March 1 is the deadline for submitting applications for the vacant position of Head of Internal Inspection Unit, State Health Service. The post is of first appointment and with an annual salary of € 57.696.

Moreover, 19 vacant permanent positions at the Town Planning Department have been announced. Applications can only be submitted electronically via the Public Service Commission’s website ( (link is external)) or via the Government Internet Security Portal (Ariadne) no later than Friday, March 1, 2019 at 14:00.

The approved salary scale is: A9: € 30.413, 31.880, 33.347, 34.814, 36.281, 37.748, 39.215, 40.682, 42.149, A11: 40.525, 42.164, 43.803, 45.442, 47.081, 48.720, 50.359, 51.998, 53.637 and A12: €44.978, 47.080, 49.182, 51.284, 53.386, 55.488, 57.590, 59.692 (Combined Scales).

At the same time, the private sector is also looking for staff – especially in the air transport sector. Greece’s Aegean Airlines is looking to recruit cabin crew. Based in Larnaca, the positions are full-time. Required qualifications include a school leaving certificate and excellent English language skills.

In addition, Tus Airways is looking for someone to be in charge of inspection, coordination and supervision of flights. Those interested should send their resume to the company by February 28.

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