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New markets and new routes as Hermes eyes 11 million passengers in 2019

Hermes Airports is working on developing new markets and new routes so that Cyprus can address the twin issues of seasonality and dependence on two or three markets.

At the same time, the manager and operator of the island’s two airports anticipates that 2019 will sum up some 11 million passengers.

Hermes Airports Senior Manager Aviation Development, Marketing and Communications Maria Kouroupi told Phileleftheros that over the past three years, passenger traffic has recorded an increase of more than 45%, reaching a record number of 10.94 million passengers in 2018. She added that 2019 is expected to be a year of stabilisation with around 11 million passengers.

“On the one hand, there are a number of international developments such as Brexit and the rise in oil prices and, on the other hand, the high increase over the last three years has opened new markets and destinations that demand a reasonable time to stabilise before any potential further development can take place, “Kouroupis said.

At the same time, she stressed that the development of new markets is high on the company’s priorities and is inseparably linked to one of its goals which is the reduced dependence on key markets such as the United Kingdom and Russia. “This is of utmost importance because of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit’s impact as well as the Russian market’s economy,” she said.

Hermes Airports’ efforts focus on the development of new markets as well as new routes on existing markets where there is room for connectivity improvement such as that of Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine etc.

In addition, the operator also looks forward to direct flights to more distant markets, namely the United States, Canada, and Asia – China, India.

“Our efforts are common with all tourism stakeholders, so that in a coordinated, targeted, and collaborative way which also takes into account the new global trends in tourism, we succeed in paving the way for a stable channel with new markets to Cyprus,” Kouroupi also said.

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