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New hope over status of open contract civil servants

The island’s Legal Service must substantially amend a proposal by the island’s Solidarity Party changing the status of some 4,000-5,000 civil servants on open contracts to permanent but it is now a possibility, Phileleftheros reports.

The final legal document to be sent to the Finance Ministry will determine whether the proposal by MP Michalis Georgallas will be drafted into a bill, a representative of the Legal Service told the House Finance Committee on Monday.

The parliamentary committee also heard that the enactment of the Republic’s bill with EU provisions back in 2003 was incorrect. And that’s the reason inequalities exist among employees.

The directive was transposed in 2003 but Cyprus did not revise the national provisions, which clashed with the law. The Legal Service could now amend the proposal to comply with the constitution and EU law.

The Legal Service should now include provisions that will adequately equate the two categories of employees in accordance with the European directive.

It will also include provisions clarifying that the EU directive will apply to both permanent and ope contract employees, based on the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union. Under this directive, all open contract employees are considered to be civil servants.

At the same time it will stipulate that extraordinary service will be included in the public service. This means that the equation will concern rights and obligations which determine the employment relationship, financial benefits and career development of an employee.

In addition, the provision of indefinite-term workers will be reviewed. The Finance Ministry argued that a legal way should be found to regulate the matter.

Finance Ministry spokeswoman Elena Damianou told MPs they will wait to see the amended document to be sent over by the Legal Service before making further comments. At the same time, MPs called on the government to submit a bill that overcomes all legal obstacles.

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