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Motor vehicle sales down by an annual 18% in January – October 2020

Moto vehicle sales in Cyprus dropped by an annual 18,5% for the period of January – October 2020, with sales affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The period included a two-month lockdown.

According to data released by the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat), the total registrations of motor vehicles decreased to 32,277 in January-October 2020, from 39,617 in the same period of 2019.

Passenger saloon car sales dropped by 21% to 25,223 from 32,016 in January-October 2019. Of the total passenger saloon cars, 8.530 or 33,8% were new and 16.693 or 66,2% were used cars, Cystat said.

Furthermore, commercial vehicles decreased by 20.6% to 3,750 in January-October 2020, compared to 4,722 in January-October 2019. In particular, light goods vehicles decreased by 22.6% to 3,139, heavy goods vehicles by 7.0% to 464 and road tractors by an annual 1.5% to 147.

In October 2020, the total registrations of motor vehicles numbered 3,171, recording a decrease of 23% compared to October 2019. Passenger saloon cars sales fell by 21% to 2,571.

Compared with the previous month of 2020, total vehicle registrations fell 23% whereas saloon car registration drooped by 20%.


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