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Largest Cypriot beneficiaries of CAP and Cohesion Funds

Companies, individuals but also state sectors have received European funds for the Common Agricultural Policy and the Cohesion Funds according to data released by the European Parliament.

In Cyprus, regarding state sectors, first is the Public Works Department which received 107.78 million euros, followed by the University of Cyprus with 94.82 million and the Municipality of Nicosia with 66.02 million. Then, we have the Water Development Demartment with 63.97 million, the Directorate General for European Programs Coordination and Development with 43.74 million and the Interior Ministry with 39.47 million.

Regarding natural persons, first is Panagiotis Filimis (CuRIC) who got 1.63 million, Kimonides Antonis (Kimargo Fishfarming) 1.29 million, Frixos Koulermou (Telia Aqua Marine) 1.1 million, Chara Papasterphanou (C.P. Foodlab) 862.53 thousand, Symeon Kassianidis (Hyperion Systems) 768.60, and Andreas Afantites (Novamecanics) 654.47.

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