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Labor Ministry to offer eight special plans of support

In April the Labor Ministry will offer eight instead of seven special support plans to face the consequences of the pandemic and has already started receiving online applications for five of them.

The last scheme has to do with the return of the special leave to parents allowance but this time is related to children young than six or children attending Centers Protecting Children. As the Labor Minister clarified yesterday, the application is submitted by employers of the private sector who employ people who “are responsible of caring for children, since they cannot work either through teleworking or working from home or with flexible hours during the period 26 April until 9 May for children up to six years old that are at home doe to closure of schools and nurseries.

The various schemes are:

  1. Special plan for hotel units and tourist accommodations
  2. Special plan of economic activities related to tourism industry or economic activities affected by tourism
  3. Special plan for complete suspension of the company’s operations
  4. Special plan for partial suspension of the company’s operations
  5. Special unemployment support plan
  6. Special plan for certain categories of self-employed
  7. Special absence from work for health reasons
  8. Special work absence allowance for child care

The deadline for applications is midnight on 10 April. The applications must be submitted electronically and can be found at


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