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Jobs in demand in Cyprus

Telemarketing sales people to cover market needs are in demand in Cyprus these days, but vacancies are also on the rise in the sector of advertising and marketing consultants. In fact, the search for new staff does not stop with advertisements in the local media but extends via the European Job Mobility Portal (Eures).

Research shows that demand for new accountants, lawyers, civil engineers and secretaries is beginning to fall. Vacancy listings on Eures are for salespeople via telecommunication centres (telemarketing).

The kind of contract a company of this kind offers to new staff is full-time employment with a salary of €1,200 monthly.

A second company looking for staff in the same sector offers full-time employment with a salary of € 1,000 – € 1,500 per month. In addition, there are listings on the European portal for personal sales and marketing managers with a salary of €1,400 – € 2,000 per month. Demand for staff these days is for software designers with a salary of € 1,500 – € 3,000.

There is also demand for application developers with a salary of €1,200 – €1,600 per month. Companies looking for staff through the European portal want assistant accountants. One employer is offering a salary of €920 to € 1,050 per month and another, for part time only, is offering €600 – €700.

A company is looking for software designer staff and offers a full-time salary of €1,500 – €3,000. Transport service employees are also on demand at a monthly salary of €1,000 – €1,300. A company wants a full-time truck and heavy goods driver with a salary of €1,100 per month.

For a full time transport service operator, a company offers a fee of €1,000 – €1,300 per month. A salary of €1,100 – € 1,450 is offered for a full-time electrical engineer.

Through the European portal, a company seeks full time managers and senior managers for business and management services offering a salary of € 1,500 monthly.

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