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Jobs galore in the public sector

Now that the House of Representatives has given its blessing, hundreds of level 1 position in the public sector are to be filled soon.

Specifically, the House Finance Committee on Tuesday approved the Cabinet’s proposal to unfreeze a total of 495 level 1 vacant positions. The green light was given for 400 such positions in various ministries and 95 in the country’s National Guard.

It is now expected that 70 persons will be recruited as secretarial staff at the Ministry of Transport, plus an additional 69 for various other positions there. At the same time, another 65 positions will be filled at the Ministry of Interior, including civil engineers, technical engineers, secretaries and graphic designers, as well as positions at the island’s civil defence and press and information office.

In addition, 62 posts will be filled at the Ministry of Finance to bridge gaps in the administration of the Customs Department, that of Taxation and the Department of Public Administration and Personnel.

Also, there are 46 approved positions for the Ministry of Agriculture to cover the needs of the Forestry Department. As well as executive engineers, hydrologists, chemical and engineering engineers to cover the needs of the Department of Water Development, the Geological Survey Department, the Environment Department and that of Fisheries.

The remaining posts concern 27 positions of educational psychologists at the Ministry of Education, 25 at the Ministry of Labour, 16 at the Ministry of Energy, 11 at the Ministry of Defence, six at the Deputy Ministry of Shipping and three at the Ministry of Justice.

At the same time, 50 out of the 95 approved positions for the National Guard are for second lieutenants and the remaining 45 for sergeants.

By Eleftheria Paizanou


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