InsiderEconomyGreece still top destination for Cyprus residents though numbers drop

Greece still top destination for Cyprus residents though numbers drop


Despite an 11.8% increase in the number of Cyprus residents travelling abroad in the first seven months of 2019, travel to Greece was down by 15.4%, in part as a result of costlier airline tickets.

In contrast trips to Russia, the UK, Bulgaria and Germany recorded an increase.

Cystat figures for July show trips to Greece down by 9% — with a total of 61,537 Cyprus residents choosing to travel to Greece compared to 67,195 in the same month last year. The drop was on the back of a 5.6% fall in June. Over the seven month period, the drop is more than 15% — from 300,978 in the first seven months last year to 254,534 in the corresponding period this year.

The Passenger Survey shows a steady increase in Cyprus’ residents trips abroad. In July 2019 they totalled 166,175 a 1.1% increase over 164,376 in July 2018. Despite lower numbers Greece remained the top destination. The UK recorded am 8.7% drop in July but were overall up for the seven months with 136,279 this year compared to 127,034 last year.

Russia was the third favourite destination with July recording a 33,8% jump while for the seven months the increase is more than 50% — 55,408 compared to 36,718.

Trips to Germany were up 58% in July and 18% for the seven months. Bulgaria recorded an 8.4% increase in July, Romania a 2.7% and France a 6.8% drop.

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