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Finance Ministry strikes back regarding strike at Forestry Department

Regarding the announcement of the employees of the Forestry Department for a three-hour work stoppage on 10 December, due to under-staffing of the department, the Finance Ministry noted the following:

The 2022 Budget includes the establishment of 10 additional positions of civil servants and 112 position of hourly-paid government staff. Furthermore, for the need for firefighting and protection of the forests 98 additional positions for the department and another 14 for related departments.

It is noted that in addition to extra personnel the department must adopt modern methods of facing the danger of fire like mobile control centers, systems measuring the wing, use of unmanned vehicles and so forth.

Finally, it is noted that the Finance Ministry has made every possible effort to support the Forestry Department both with people and with money but it seems that the employees are taking advantage of a sensitive sector of work, projecting their demands and giving false impressions.

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