InsiderEconomyEuropean Commission prepares proposal to plan trips in Europe

European Commission prepares proposal to plan trips in Europe

The European Commission is preparing a new proposal aiming to facilitate the planning of trips and the issuing of tickets within Europe since planning and buying tickets for multimodal journeys is much too often too cumbersome for travelers in the EU.

Multimodal digital mobility services (MDMS) help both passengers and/or other intermediaries compare different travel options, choices and prices, and can facilitate the sale and re-sale of mobility products from different operators, whether they are private or public, within one mode or across modes. By facilitating the access to information, booking and payment of mobility services, these services will improve the sustainability, resilience, efficiency and comfort of the transport system.

Public discussion on the issue is divided into two parts: in the first we have the views of citizens and travelers and the second is address to experts and relative interested parties. The discussion will be open until 23 February.

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