InsiderEconomyDiesel fuel increased to 1.999 euros

Diesel fuel increased to 1.999 euros

According to the Observatory of Fuel Retail Prices of the Consumer Protection Service, diesel fuel has reached 1.999 euros at the most expensive gas station. The average price of diesel fuel is around 1.914 while it can also be found at 1.808 at the cheapest gas station.

The price of the 95 octane petrol ranges around 1.806 euros. The cheapest is at 1.755 while the most expensive one at 1.867.

It seems that the difference in price among the gas stations is big. As the President of the Gas Station Owners Savvas Procopiou said, this is due to the different times they get supplied.

Regarding future increases to the prices, Prokopikou said that it is difficult to make a prediction.

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