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Deputy Minister of Tourism: coming weeks extremely difficult for tourism

Cyprus’ Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios, said on Monday that the coming weeks will be extremely difficult for tourism, as the country is currently in the dark red categorisation of ECDC for COVID-19.

The fact, as he said, affects mainly the German market, but also other tourist markets. He also noted that apart from Cyprus, also other countries as Portugal and Spain are expected to be included in the dark red categorisation.

Speaking to CNA, Perdios said that the situation is currently difficult, especially with regard to the German market and those who have not been vaccinated and need to stay in quarantine when they return home. However, he said that it’s positive that those who have been vaccinated will not have quarantine period so there is a window of hope and optimism.

Perdios also said that the Deputy Ministry will announce a list for accommodation and tourist offices that will be included in government’s plan for subsidized holidays for vaccinated people from 15 July and for a period of six.

As he said that a plan would motivate citizens to be vaccinated, but it would be also an incentive and support for those who want to go on vacation. The Ministry of Tourism subsidizes 35% of the room with breakfast per day with a maximum of 80 euros.

He added, that the programme will also support tourist accommodation and travel agencies and will help the local economy.

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