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Cypriots are big spenders when travelling abroad

Cypriots are not only keen to travel abroad but they are big spenders too, according to latest Eurostat figures.

As many as 1.4 million Cypriots went abroad last year – about the same as in 2017 – spending a total of €1.6 million, or an average of €600 per holiday trip.  This is a much higher amount than the EU average of €377.

Many Cypriots opt to travel abroad since the cost of holidaying at home is much higher. The top destinations for Cypriot tourists are Greece and the UK.

Eurostat figures show that 22% of Cypriot tourists visited the UK with an average stay of 15.2 days and a daily cost of €92. Greece is second placed with 20.2% of Cypriot visitors with an average daily cost of €107 and an average stay of 6.7 days.

In addition, 3.9% of Cypriot tourists went to Germany. Their average stay was 16 days with a daily cost of €82. About 5% of Cypriots travelled in Cyprus with an average stay of 2.7 days and a daily cost of €51.

Luxembourg residents are the ones spending most per holiday trip, about €769, followed by residents of Austria (approximately €641) and Malta (€633), according to the data.

EU residents spent around €467 billion on travel for tourism purposes last year with German, French and British tourists being the biggest consumers in absolute terms. Their expenditure accounted for 58 per cent of all EU tourist spending.


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