InsiderEconomyChanges for registrations to “Airbnb”

Changes for registrations to “Airbnb”

The first registration of establishments to the registry of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism so that as of February next year the owners will be able to advertise them for renting on various electronic platforms like “Airbnb,” however the continuation of the registration seems to have problems.

As reported during yesterday’s House Energy Committee meeting, there are establishments which are very old, particularly on the mountains, which cannot get final building permit as requested in order to be registered. Also according to the modification to the relevant legislation, establishments with more than five rooms cannot register. This modification was made so that various building would not be able to compete with hotels.

The Deputy Tourism Minister who attended the meeting did not exclude changes to the specific provision providing a happy medium. This has to be done soon since owners must be registered by 7 February 2022.

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