InsiderEconomyAirbnb registrations continue with great interest

Airbnb registrations continue with great interest

The process of submitting applications to register establishment in the register of self-service accommodation continues with great interest.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism is urging people who are interested to register their establishments following the procedure described in the website of the Deputy Ministry:…/applic…/application11_gr…

Before submitting their application the applicant should make sure to have registration to the Income Tax Department and or VAT and valid Insurance Coverage of the Establishment.

According to the Deputy Ministry, upon the submission of the application the applicant may advertise and or rent the self-service accommodation, provided that it is registered in the Register of Self-Service Accommodation and has received the special sign and Registration number by the Deputy Ministry.

If after 7 February, the Deputy Ministry finds establishments that are advertised but not registered will proceed with sentences, as these are provided in the relevant legislation.

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