InsiderEconomy320 businesses want to hire 4,160 employees

320 businesses want to hire 4,160 employees

An electronic research conducted by the Employers’ Federation confirmed the lack of personnel, mainly unskilled people that several Cypriot businesses are facing.

The findings of the research that started on 25 October and was completed on 8 November, were officially released by the Federation, which noted that from the answers given it is clear how serious the problem of lack of manpower is.

According to the research, with answers only from 320 companies all over Cyprus, the need in manpower by the end of 2021 is 4,160 people.

According to Philelefterhos information, the results of the research have been made known to the Labor Minister. The Employers Federation is asking that after recording the needs and the vacancies, the commitment given for accelerating the procedures to cover the positions even from abroad must be implemented.

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