InsiderEconomy10,000 euros benefit for purchase of electric car

10,000 euros benefit for purchase of electric car

Citizens who will proceed with the purchase of an electric car in combination with the withdrawal of an old vehicle, will have a benefit of 10,000 euros.

The relevant scheme will be ready by the end of October and then interested parties will have to submit their applications.The sceme will amount to 4 million euros and it is expecvted that 300 cars will be purchased.

According to Phileleftherosd information, according to one option of the plan there will be 9,000 euros subsidy, 1,000 for withdrawn vehicle, provided new vehicle’s price does not exceed 65,000. The procedure to be followed will be “first come first served” and it is expected that the plan will close in about half an hour since the available funds will be exhausted.


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