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Transitioning back into a post-lockdown workplace

Transitioning back into a post-lockdown workplace: what to expect and how to adapt was the theme of a virtual discussion organised by Phonix Leaders in Nicosia on February 16.

Phoenix Leaders hosted the virtual discussion between its Members and Bruce Daisley, Former European Vice President of Twitter and Expert on Work Culture and Best-Selling Author.

In an evening dedicated to the post-lockdown workplace, Daisley explored the ways in which leaders can drive a successful transition back into the office as well as embrace hybrid working models and avoid burn-outs amongst their employees.

Following an introduction given by the evening’s moderator, Panayiotis Thrasyvoulou (Associate Partner, Head of People Advisory Services, EY Cyprus) at The Club in Nicosia, Bruce drew on examples from both the world of business and the medical professions as well as his own experiences in leadership roles at global technology companies, to outline the key principles which should be guiding leaders as they help their teams adapt to new post-lockdown working models.

The future of the workplace was further explored in the Q&A session with Members which followed. Asked how to create and instil a sense of community amongst teams and the wider company when employees are scattered across different locations, Bruce responded:

“Whilst research has shown that workers feel they can get more accomplished when they don’t have the distractions often present in the workplace, the majority of workers do want to work from an office from time to time. Leaders need to understand how to maintain a sense of identity amongst their employees whilst also embracing new working models. Compulsory weekly team meetings at their office or at hired meeting rooms, if they have chosen to reduce their office space, are one key way in which this can be achieved.”

Bruce concluded the evening by highlighting ways in which leaders can drive motivation and engagement amongst their employees and help instil a sense of purpose in their work and roles.

This presentation marked the first in the Discussion Series at The Club in 2021, bringing international speakers from diverse fields of expertise to Cyprus. Previous speakers have included Dr Francis Fukuyama, Academic and Best-Selling Author, Sir John Sawers, Former Head of the MI6, Herman van Rompuy, Former Prime Minister of Belgium and Former President of the European Council, Professor Vybarr Cregan-Reid, Nigel Jeremy, Head of Learning & Development at British Airways and Jules Chappell, Britain’s youngest Ambassador.

About The Club

Founded in 2018 in Nicosia by Phoenix Leaders, The Club is Cyprus’ first private members club and combines modern and agile working spaces with intimate events offering Members the opportunity to meet international leaders from a range of sectors and industries. Set against the backdrop of the scenic Presidential Park, The Club is a unique space which connects both established and emerging members of the local business community allowing for a modern style of networking and professional collaboration.



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