InsiderBusinessTop EU VAT expert in Cyprus for cryptocurrencies seminar

Top EU VAT expert in Cyprus for cryptocurrencies seminar

Maltese VAT expert Matthew Zampa joins forces with the Chelco International VAT Academy in Cyprus to deliver a unique seminar on the Value Added Tax (VAT) treatment of cryptocurrencies.

Titled “Digital Assets: Decrypting VAT,” the first-of-its-kind seminar will be held in Limassol in the morning of Thursday, November 14, 2019 and is geared towards professionals in the forex industry, investment firms, financial services and financial technology companies and other CySEC regulated entities as well as accountants, lawyers and tax consultants dealing with digital currencies.

The seminar will analyse how the existing VAT legislation regulates businesses operating in the blockchain space and present the current pitfalls.

The audience will also be presented with the different operations that blockchain businesses might be involved in, with a view to identifying the applicable VAT treatment. Also explained will be the VAT treatment of the different types of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) assets, the raising of capital through initial coin offerings and security token offerings, the different types of exchanges and their VAT treatment and the VAT implications for such service providers as miners, digital wallet providers and portfolio managers.

For the VAT treatment of cryptocurrencies Zampa will teach alongside Chelco International VAT Academy instructor, Panayiotis Panayi, while in the afternoon of the same day he will be joined by the Academy’s lead instructor, Alexis Tsielepis, to deliver a separate seminar on the upcoming changes to VAT in the EU and Cyprus. Interested professionals can attend either or both seminars.

Tsielepis said that “this is the first time a VAT seminar of this calibre and on this particular subject is organised in Cyprus” and he labelled it as a must for professionals in the industry.

He added that “Matthew Zampa is an authority on the subject matter and it is a privilege to have him share his knowledge with us. Panayiotis and I look forward to teaching alongside him.”

Zampa is a Certified Public Accountant specialised in indirect taxation since 2008.

He is member of the Malta Institute of Accountants, a member of the Institute’s tax committee and a member of the indirect taxation committee of the Malta Institute of Taxation. He is a regular lecturer of VAT in Malta and all over Europe.

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