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Summer airfares from Cyprus to Greece going up

Airfares from Cyprus to Greece are going up this summer. That’s why a number of families seem to choose seasonal holiday packages offered by tour operators rather than pay the high prices for airfares to Greek destinations. As a matter of fact, summer travelers to Greece are paying more than those going to Vienna or Madrid.

A latest survey shows that return airfares from Larnaca to Athens in mid-July range from €150 to €170. Prices before mid-August, which is the peak holiday time in Cyprus, range from €170 to €180 and during that specific week these range from €200 to €220. For Salonika departures in mid-July return airfare prices range from €200 to €230. Prices just before August 15 are higher, ranging between €240 and €260. The week of August 15 prices go as high as €300.

For a flight to Heraklion, Crete, in mid-August, prices range between €328 and €338, while in mid-July these are from €210 to €230. If one wants to go to Santorini in mid-July, prices range between €330 and €400. In mid-August, prices range between €470 and €580. For Skiathos, prices in mid-July are about €230 and for August these are between €350 to €400. For Kos, the return ticket in mid-July ranges from €300 to €400 while for mid-August prices are about the same.

Prices for other European cities are variable. A return ticket to Paris is relatively cheaper than traveling to a Greek island with prices ranging from €280 to €400 in mid-July. In mid-August, prices are cheaper and range from €200 to €350. For Vienna, prices are even cheaper reaching €130 in mid-July. For a trip to Madrid, in mid-July, the return airfare is about €200 and can go as high as €300. For mid-August, the return airfare is from €200 to €400, depending on the airline.


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