InsiderBusinessStephanides Group: The one that introduced luxury

Stephanides Group: The one that introduced luxury

Deeply rooted in the local market, going back almost a century, Anastasios Stephanides & Son Ltd is one of the most well known companies in our country. Part and parcel with luxury, the firm carries a long standing history, going back to the third decade of the past century.

In 1922, Anastasios Stephanides fled from his home in Asia Minor. Armed with his faith in God and high expectations of a bright future, he sought employment with local companies in Cyprus.

It all started in 1925, just three years following his arrival, when he opened a small retail trade shop in the bustling, central Ermou Street in Nicosia.

These were the humble beginnings of the hard working visionary who would expand his business in the next few years by cooperating with wholesale trade companies, director general Antonis E. Vassiliou says.

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(An academic recording that make history, supported by RCB)

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