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Staying connected in a changing world

By Veronica Nicolaou*

As we all continue to navigate through the uncertainty of this pandemic, while doing our part in lowering the curve, businesses are expected to find ways to stay active and in touch with their customers, changing their approach and adjusting to the new standards, exploring news ways of communicating.

The age of COVID-19 is teaching us the importance of remaining focused on our clients, making them feel valued and cared for.

Thus, it is important to keep some basic steps in mind: First of all, we need to reach out to our audience. Communicate with them, reassuring them that our business operations are up and running. We should let them know through regular updates that we are here for them to facilitate needs and wants that may arise, even though we have adapted to a new routine, either by working from home, being at the office, or, depending on the sector we operate in, by utilising the option of home delivery, something that many businesses have resolved to.

Another step is to generate engagement and interaction by creating content that people may want to follow, keeping them both informed and interested, something that could ultimately lead them to taking action. An additional trait to sustain is to be able to listen. To keep the channels of communication open in order to understand what people are going through, what needs they have, to observe their changing behaviour, and how we can help them during this situation, by providing better service and delivering even greater value.

The impact of COVID-19 is felt by all, small and big businesses. The times are changing and we are called to keep experimenting and modifying our plans to find out what works better right now. Evidently, through the means of technology, this is attainable since almost everything has being shifted online. We can now go on virtual tours around cultural landmarks everywhere in the world, from the comfort of our sofa. We can ‘visit’ museums and marvel on exhibitions of historical art works. We can watch notable theatre and opera performances and join live sessions held by popular musicians on their social media accounts. Everything has become available. Books, exercising and fitness videos, mindfulness sessions, grocery shopping and the list goes on and on as the days pass by…

No matter how tangled this period is, restraining physical contact – something so vital to us as human beings –  we still find ways to stay in touch with our families, our friends, our co-workers and our associates, near and far, via various video communications, sharing our stories and catching up with our news.

This pandemic is forcing us to rethink a lot about our lifestyles, our businesses, the society we live in. And while doing so, we strive to stay connected and maintain our authenticity. It all comes down to being real and genuine, with ourselves and our relations, making sure our actions are consistent with our words. Therefore, we can grab this opportunity to pause and reflect… And let us be reminded, as quoted by American author Frank Herbert, that “Survival is the ability to swim in strange water.”

Veronica Nicolaou is a Senior Communication Consultant / Client Retention Manager at GNORA Communication Consultants

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